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Investing Doesn't have to be Painful, Difficult, or Risky

Investing for the future isn't everyone's forte. Some people avoid investment at all costs; others are quick to fall for hot investment opportunities at the peak of their value, only to be sorely disappointed to see their money circling the drain. But the truth is, investing doesn't have to be painful, difficult, or risky. In a recession-stressed economy where Social Security isn't a promise, all adults should understand their investment options to plan for a secure future. In The Safer 401(k), learn how to simply be the director of your own finances in safe stocks, safer investing, dividend-paying stocks, employer-based plans, and more!

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Sherwin BrownMeet Sherwin

Hello everyone: I am Sherwin P. Brown  

I have been an entrepreneur since I was twelve years old. As a matter of fact, that was the age that I moved out of my Mom and Dad's two-room shack ("cowshed" as the villages bullies called it). There were eleven of us living in there, and it was just too crowded. At age 12, I started my own business, was on my own and self-sufficient. I remember that age 11 was the last time my parents spent money on me or gave me any resources. A year later, I started to help my Dad to take care of my Mom and other eight siblings, and I have never looked back !  



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